Angkor SereyMongkol was built for the harmonious way of living, flourishing out of a heart full of love. In the middle of the garden, there is a statue of a mother holding a child with a big smile filled with abundance of happiness showcasing her love towards children. “No form of love could be compared to the love from a mother towards her children!”

Angkor SereyMongkol would like to dedicate this statue towards all women. Womankind is a leader, a mom and the mother of the world.


Angkor SereyMongkol understood the relationship between life and nature very well! We focused solely on executing and embracing the greenery to create a community with great infrastructure showcasing a sports field, playground, garden with the landscaped ground filled with colorful flowers suitable to be a community of freshness, safety and fulfilled happiness.


With dedication towards our great Khmer Ancestor, the architecture has been developed by a Cambodian architect. It was inspired by the sculpture of our traditional ornament (Dork Chan or Phka Chan) which is mostly seen in many ancient temples, especially at Bonteay Srei Temple. The design has been carved and attached to the ceiling of every home at Angkor SereyMongkol.

“We are proud to be involved in preserving the heritage of our Khmer ancestors.”


Focus on the green nature, garden, sport field, and playground.


Focus on the quality of construction, security and tidy ensuring the safety of living.


Community with great relations, respectful, with love and compassion, creating the village of harmonious.
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